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How to Apply for a Scholarship

Applying for a Scholarship
To be considered for a FEOF Scholarship please submit the following:
• Completed scholarship application
• Current high school or college transcript
• Current student Financial Aid award letter(s)
• Essay describing your educational goals
• Letter of recommendation or reference
• Resume (optional)
• Proof of current or previous California foster care participation

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Thank you for taking time to apply for a FEOF Scholarship!  To assist you with funds needed to continue your education, FEOF is offering scholarships between $1,000-$5,000 per academic year. To ensure we have all the information needed and in the order needed for evaluation, please complete this application in full and follow the instructions along the way. The funding cycle opens May 1 and closes August 1 each year.  
Scholarship Application

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Fostering Educational Opportunities Foundation believes in the power of education and has made available financial grants for former foster students pursuing a higher education or training program.  Become a part of this transformative organization and help change lives!

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