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FEOF provides scholarships and grants to current and former California foster youth who have demonstrated scholastic ability and motivation to pursuepost-secondary education.
In California alone more than 60,000 youth are in foster care, and less than 3% of this population will graduate from a college or university.  When foster children reach the age of 18 and become legal adults, they are forced to leave the foster care system.  Although California now provides some additional financial support, under certain circumstances, for youth between the ages of 18 and 21, the amount provided is insufficient by itself to enable a person to both live independently and attend school. Tragically, 51% are unemployed and more than 40% of the California homeless shelter population is comprised of former foster youth who lack means of supporting themselves. 

FEOF believes that education is the key to a productive life. Scholarships and grants awarded by FEOF are intended to provide additional financial support for educational and vocational training leading to financial independence through employment. ​​

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Fostering Educational Opportunities Foundation believes in the power of education and has made available financial grants for former foster students pursuing a higher education or training program.  Become a part of this transformative organization and help change lives!
Fostering Educational Opportunities Foundation

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